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ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION PROJECT (Need more funds for its completion)

1- We started a school for needy children in a region called Guirand,
about 80 miles South-West of Port-au-Prince .  All payrolls and all that is necessary to operate the school are funded by us.  We have registered annual upsurge in enrollment, such that we now have an overcrowded school with over 200 children.  We have been in the process raising funds to expand the school.  We believe the recent cataclysmic event in Haiti has made the need for this project even more urgent, as we expect more families to migrate away from Port-au-Prince to the countryside. Our vision is to open new schools in similar regions.


2- We organize annual medical mission trips to provide care to those
with little or no access to routine medical care. The medical
professionals on our staff team up with others, including Haitian
medical professionals to conduct a week long medical fair where we
screen, treat and provide preventive medical education to an average of 500 people per day.  As we encounter cases that require more involved medical intervention, we donate cash to people who cannot afford the hospital cost.  This year we are envisioning at least two mission trips with a subsequent one in June...a specific date will follow.

3- Other activities we have conducted include: supporting the
construction in progress of the first medical clinic in the region of
Guirand, organizing Christmas parties for the school children and
donating gifts to them as well as kids from an orphanage in Leogane.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, our priorities include:

1- AEA conducted an initial assessment trip to evaluate the logistics and where we will be most effective at providing assistance in Haiti.  Though this initial trip will be limited in scope, we will be ready to provide some medical assistance , as there are many victims with serious injuries that are not being treated, as the first response is, rightfully so, on saving lives. Click on this link to read our Assessment Report from our trip made to Haiti two weeks after the earthquake.

2- Following this assessment trip we will be conducting a medical
mission trip with a larger team of medical professionals at the next

3- We will endeavor to complete the expansion of our school this year. We had envisioned raising $25,000 - $30,000 towards this project. We may have to increase this amount to accommodate more children.

4- Based on availability of funds, we will be providing assistance
towards the reconstruction of charitable facilities, such as schools,
medical clinics and orphanages.  An orphanage we served in Leogane has collapsed and suffered several deaths and injuries. We will need to provide them with medical and reconstruction support.